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    Hey :),

    my different lists are always updated. (I try)


    Crate Stuff

    Black Markets:

    • Purple Solar Flare


    • Aviator Black Endo

    • Purple, BS Octane

    • Guardian TW Twinzer

    • Striker TW, Playmaker TW Breakout

    • Striker BS Maverick

    • SB Samurai

    • TW Road Hog

    • TW Venom

    • Crimson, Saffron, Cobalt, Orange, Pink Artemis


    • Breakout Decals

    • Striker Black Thanatos

    • TW, Victor Lime, Playmaker Orange Island King

    • Turtle Crimson Chantico

    • BS Royal Tyrant

    • FG Fantasmo

    • Striker Dragonlord


    • Sexy Sovs

    • Cert Black Unexotic Wheels

    • Non Crate Exotic Wheels

    • Illuminatas

    • Goalkeeper Crimson Apex

    • TW Aero Mage

    • Sweeper Crimson Sovereign

    • Playmaker Pink Decenium

    • Striker Grey Chaks

    • Black Alchemist

    • Black Trahere (Uncommon)

    • Paragon Cobalt Zomba

    • Pink Draco (reserved)

    • Orange Inverted Stella

    • Grey Dynamo

    • Acrobat Saffron K2

    • Lime Clockwork

    • FG, Lime Gaiden

    • Lime Nipper

    • Pyramidia, Decenium

    • Cruxe, Draco, ARA-51


    • Playmaker Black Sun Ray

    • Sweeper TW, Striker SB Standard

    • Guardian Lime, SB, Black Flamethrower

    • Striker Black, Victor Black Ion

    • Black, Pink Torrent

    • Black Sacred

    • Black Datastream

    • Goalkeeper Purple, SB Thermal

    • Purple Enchanter

    • Hot Rod, Blast Ray


    • SB Crown Border

    • Striker Saffron Ballistic

    • Painted Toppers and Antennas

    • Black, FG Jack in the box

    • Crimson Tagged

    • TW, Black, Crim, SB, Lime, Purple Hack Swerve

    • FG, Scorer Lime, Show-Off Purple Tachyon III

    • Tactician Crimson Phoenix Wings

    • 94 Elevation, 73 ACC

    Im collecting every Little Animal topper. If you have any let me know đŸ™‚

    Im paying one crate or one other uncommon for each Little Animal, two for cert ones.

    If you have any Traffic Cones, hit up u/sloozus.

    And if you have any Hawaiian Leis, u/11alexx is your guy.

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