California Coastal Redwoods Awesome

Starting from San Jose California we rent a car and head South to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Redwood Trees are some of the oldest trees on the planet, the amount of m,ass these things take up is amazing,…

Okeechobee Mud Trucks Plant Bamboo

Okeechobee Mudding at Plant Bamboo is awesome trucks come from all over the State to play in the mud at this 1200 acre mud Ranch. Subscribe and check out our other channels for more great footage from this event.

Emotions – Ariana Grande (Mariah Carey cover)

Available for free download here: This is an homage to my idol and inspiration Mariah Carey and dedicated to my fans! I love you guys so much! Enjoy Thank you to Peter Stengaard and Jones Crow

Old School Videos – Ariana Grande

My 4th “AG Week in Videos”! Some of my best friends Suzanne, Aaron, Michael and Christie are in this one.. and of course Frankie. I miss these days.. Hope you enjoy! Xo P.s. Sorry Miss Lewis for goofing around during…

Frankie sings the hits. LOL.

Here’s the first of my “A Week In Videos” video.. I love my family so much. A lot of these videos are probably going to be of my friends and family. The point of this challenge was to share a…