Nashville Friday Night

Nashville is the Country Music Capitol of the world and a fun place to visit. We get the tour around town from Aunt Cathy. There are lots of establishments for food, drink and live music.

Dublin Ireland – Temple Bar District

After Traveling a long distance from Tampa fl we arrive in Dublin early to the Fitzsimons hotel in the Temple Bar district. We drop off our luggage and go explore the city. Later we meet up with Carolines friends for…

Miami Bay Boat Tour Famous Houses

In a City of such wealth and opulence you still see homeless living in the streets. Many Millionaires and Billionaires live and have residences in the Miami Beach area. The most Notorious and Luxurious live on Star island and Fischer…

Sevilla España

Driving from the southern Coast of Portugal we find ourselves in Seville Spain. This city has beautiful architecture and lots of immaculate gardens. We went to Spain Square and the Real Acazar hope you enjoy the Music Video.